Day 1 – Set up a website

Today I learned about git, github, and heroku. I’ve always thought of these terms as really obscure words Richerd and the guys would use. Getting a github account was kind of awesome and intimidating at the same time. All my code with its mistakes would be out there for people to see! Did I really belong on github, a place that made me think of serious programmers working on big projects?

I set about starting with the home page and got promptly stuck. Well, when in doubt… copy… I mean, take inspiration from! I was inspired to start writing code every day by Jennifer Dewalt’s 180 Websites in 180 Days so I looked at how she set up her home page and set mine up in a similar fashion. Imitation is flattery, right?

I was surprised at how difficult I found the homepage set up to be. I remember being comfortable with html back in high school when I was on geocities and CalgaryPlanet. I remember one of my geocities sites had a menu on the left, with a main page that would change on the right, and snowflakes that would fall down the page (I think it was copy and paste code for flash?) … but I digress. So a disclaimer, I’m technically not starting out from scratch as I do have a little bit of experience with html back in the day.

Wow, nostalgia!
Wow, nostalgia!

I had a great time copy and pasting code to create my page for CalgaryPlanet but it has been over 10 years and … it’s time to move on! I will be building something every day and learning html, javascript, and css. You can follow my progress on this blog, on my github, and website.


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