Day 2 – Draw a Face

Although I had played around with html in high school, I was in for a rude awakening in university. I was required to take one computer science course, Computer Science 217 Intro to Programming for non-Computer Science majors. The first assignment was to use a custom program called Quickdraw to draw a face.

Here is Quickdraw:

I was completely bewildered and had no clue how to start. Richerd tried to help me but I just did not get it. It was the day before the assignment was due. I got very upset and had to go cry in the washroom. He felt bad and drew a Doraemon for me. Although I eventually got an A in the course and completed the other assignments myself, I never drew that face.

I recently expressed interest in learning about front-end web development and he kindly reminded me that “somebody had to draw a face and somebody got very upset.” I decided I had to redeem myself by finally finishing that assignment: Draw a Face.

I found Processing.js and set out to draw a simple face. My first drawing was of a snowman. It was pretty unimpressive.

“This looks like crap.” I told Richerd.

“The point is not to create a masterpiece!” he kindly offered.

“Yes, it is! The point is for the face to not look like crap!” I insisted and started over. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday so I chose Rocket as my character. I looked at some images of minimalistic characters and set about drawing. After 4-5 hours of listening to the soundtrack and fiddling with numbers, here’s what I ended up with.

Drawn with Processing.js
Drawn with Processing.js

Not so bad, right? CPSC 217 Assignment #1 from 2009? Check.


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