Day 15 Wonderland Bunny

Today’s project was one I thought of in the beginning. I wanted “drink me” and “eat me” options that would make the user bigger or smaller, like in Alice in Wonderland. The changes would be shown through a table that would change in size. As I was coding today’s page, I changed it so that a bunny would change instead.

I used css’s perspective and rotateX(deg) to make the bunny lean back and lean forward. When the bunny gets to its biggest size, it would lean forward, like it was towering over you. When the bunny gets to its smallest size, it would lean backward, like it is leaning back to look up at you. This seemed much more convincing when I envisioned it in my head. The effects make the bunny look flat so I think something else would have to be done to have the 3D leaning forward and back effect. This is something I want to look into for future pages.


Feed the Wonderland Bunny to see him transform!

Today was little disappointing because when I thought of this idea, I thought it would be cute. Instead I feel a bit underwhelmed by how it looks. Some days I feel really happy with the daily project but other days not so much (Boxed Marble comes to mind…). The good thing about doing one page a day is that you get to start fresh the next day!


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