Day 17 – Bubble Wrap

Today’s webpage was inspired by a lovely lady. When I asked if she had any ideas for what might be fun, she suggested bubble wrap. Of course! Why hadn’t I thought of that? Popping bubble wrap is so oddly satisfying. I remember happily popping entire sheets as a kid… and then getting scolded for ruining the bubble wrap. Well, dear readers, pop without abandon!


I drew the sheet of bubble wrap using css. I looked up different images of bubble wrap. I randomly found a game that involved popping bubbles. I happily popped some bubbles. I was about 10 clicks in when a scary picture took over my whole screen and a loud piercing scream filled my ears. Really? One of those websites? Oh the things I go through to research bubble wrap. Fear not, there are no jump scares here… or are there?

I found that with the shading used, the bubbles look like they have squiggly outlines! An unexpected but pleasant surprise. I had trouble getting the popped bubbles flat. My sister actually commented “whoa, those really look like holes! so cool!”, err… not what I was going for, but thanks?

holesIf you clicked around too fast, the audio clip would not play. I ran into this same problem when I wrote Rainbow Piano last week. I solved this by duplicating the same audio clip into 3 and then incrementing through the three clips. Pop away!

Day 18: Bubble Wrap


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