Day 26 – Friendly Dog

Okay this isn’t just any dog, it’s Otousan from SoftBank! SoftBank is one of the telecommunications giants in Japan. It is also the company I paid tens of thousands in yen to for my phone bills. I had a love-hate relationship with SoftBank for three years. I hated the hidden fees, the long contracts, the “system errors” that would occur when we tried to cancel extra package add-ons to our plans… but I loved their mascot. I know, so shallow. But just look at him! otosan2And if you haven’t seen a SoftBank commercial yet… you have to watch this. Oh and Tommy Lee Jones also helps sell canned coffee.

2837970858_22bd1f563eCheck out this blog post for more details. So yeah, Japan is weird, But very very good at making cute things… I digress. I used css to draw Otousan and a cell phone. Css animation and javascript make the phone ring intermittently and picking up the phone results in a friendly woof! I think my drawing is super kawaii (cute).
Friendly DogDay 26 – Friendly Dog


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