Day 31 – Pomodoro

Today’s page is about a tomato. More specifically, a tomato shaped timer.


The pomodoro technique is a life hack that helps you with time management and productivity. In the 1980s, Francesco Cirillo developed the method of working in increments of 25 minutes with short breaks (usually 5 min). With these shortened time periods and breaks, mental agility and productivity levels improve.

I followed this tutorial for a spinning CSS pie timer. It was really interesting learning how to set it up! Just looking at the display I would not have thought there was a spinner and a mask on the left side. I had to change some of the values and add margins for the timer to show correctly.

I loved seeing all the responses below the post. So many examples of great spinners! Here’s a fun css-only spinner. And here’s one with a gradient. I love Codepen.

pomoMy pomodoro page does not have a stop button.. to force you to work for 25 min! I was thinking of a tomato when I chose the pie colors but they also remind me of a watermelon. My favourite fruit!

Day 31 – Pomodoro


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