Day 32- HTML 500

Today was the HTML 500, an event I’ve been looking forward to for months! It is a free learn to code day hosted by Lighthouse Labs, a programmer bootcamp here in Vancouver. Over 2500 people were interested but I was one of the lucky 500 registered! The venue was Rocky Mountaineer Station but I didn’t realize we would actually be inside the station. It was a gloomy and rainy walk to the station from Broadway avenue….
IMG_1477The rain couldn’t dampen our enthusiasm though! Look at all these people who want to learn to code!

Chief Talking Officer

Here’s the Chief Talking Officer, Jeremy Shaki, welcoming everyone to the event and introducing the html500. His speech was followed by a great introductory lecture to css and html by Don Burks and Khurram Virani. Whaaat, slides created by css? I love it!

During the lecture is when the pizza smells started to waft through the tables… I hadn’t eaten breakfast and found it increasingly hard to concentrate with smells of Panago pizza demanding my attention! Good thing it was soon lunchtime, pizza and code = best combo ever.


With Matt and Macarena from Unbounce!

After lunch, we got time to follow along the tutorial and make our own landing page. I sat at the Unbounce table and our mentors were awesome! They were super helpful and approachable, celebrating the “small wins” with us as we fumbled our way through code. I really liked the example landing page provided so I just followed along and recreated it. I think Richerd’s red eared slider would love a spa like this.

Huge thanks again to Lighthouse Labs, the sponsors, volunteers, and all the mentors who made the html500 a success! I was so excited to see the tech community come together as one and make code a little less intimidating to everyone. Hope I can pay it forward!

Day 32 – HTML500


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