Day 37 – Photo Gallery

I was looking at Basho Cafe‘s wonderfully made webpage when I decided to make a photo gallery. I dug up some old photos I had taken and followed this Lightbox tutorial. I wanted to understand what I was writing, so there was a lot of pausing/rewinding/guessing ahead. A problem with my page is that since I did not have the smaller versions of my photos for preview, I had to use css to crop them into square images. This was not ideal and resulted in photos appearing as rectangular before delayed functions caught up with the loaded images. For thumbnails, it would be better to have a separate and smaller image file.

A funny thing I discovered was how to add a “loading” image before the photo appears. I found a small loading .gif file online and centered it on the page to appear before the photo shows up. It is much better than just having a blank white square. This was funny because I had always thought processing spinners indicated image loading (piece by piece…) but it can just be an image put there to appease the user! What a revelation!


All photos in the gallery were taken by me! I wish I was traveling again… mainly for the food. That last sushi pic… pure melt in your mouth goodness!

Day 37 – Photo Gallery


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