Day 38 – Followers

Things following your cursor is super awesome. I think my favourite one has to the fugu, pufferfish! The way it puffs into a big ball then shrinks back… so cool. Imagine my disappointment when I went to look at the awesome code… and saw that it was done with Flash. Nooo. Well, I guess I would have to figure out something similar myself.

I created an array of squares of various sizes stacked together. They would all follow the cursor but at decreasing speeds to that the one at the very back would be the slowest. An offset was needed so that the squares would be aligned at the center instead of all in an upper corner. Although my follower squares are simple, using images or pure css with a set up like this could result in a similar look as the stalker marine animals! 😉 Ah, maybe when my css or canvas skills are more advanced…

Day 38 – Followers


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