Day 39 – Daily Donut

Today I wanted to learn more about the Google Chart API. I’ve heard people say “api” a lot but never knew what it meant. It seemed intimidating and scary. This is ironic because a good api, application programming interface, actually gives a programmer the building blocks to develop a program! So api = helpful and on your side, okay, glad we got that sorted out.

Google makes it super simple to follow along and use their visualization api to create a good-looking chart of your own. I added the data by by passing values using addColumn and addRows methods. I still have no idea how to create a graph by passing in a populated Javascript object but the whole process seems less daunting now.

I grew up thinking grades were important and find myself having more of a fixed-mindset than a growth mindset. Learning to run helped to change part of this mindset but I find that fixed-mindset thoughts still creep in with coding. This is something I am working on to change as I learn more code!

Carol Dweck has a great TED talk on the power of believing you can improve. My daily donut should probably have less petting other people’s pets and more watching TED talks.

Day 39 – Daily Donut 


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