Day 40 – Color Picker

I started playing around with the jQuery UI Slider Widget before I left for Seattle. Because I was traveling light with a backpack on the Greyhound, I decided not to bring my laptop. 3 days of no coding, oh no! In hindsight it was good because we were out during the day and my cough just got worse every day! I had to prop myself super high with pillows every night and take medicine to sleep. Even then, I coughed throughout the night and started waking up with night sweats toward the end of the trip. Rest and recovery over coding… although I did bring a copy of html & css the good parts for bedtime and bus reading.

I’m back in Vancouver now but my symptoms are at their worst. I was afraid customs wouldn’t let me in with my coughing fits. I felt so bad for keeping my friend up in Seattle every night. But now it’s time for much needed bed rest… and some code.

The jQuery UI slider api documentation was easy to read and understand. I think I am slowly getting over my fear of the word api! One snag I ran into was changing the color of the slider range. Although I selected the right id and class(.ui-slider-range), I couldn’t get the color change. The problem was I was missing the range value, which has a default of false. To get the color to show from the min to the handle, I needed to add range: ‘min’ into the slider options. It pays to review the documentation more than once!
colorDay 40 – Color Picker


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