Day 41 – Love Calculator

Does anyone remember this?
aolI remember spending a lot of time trying to set up different internet services using CD-ROMS and then dialling to connect. Then I’d spend time in chatrooms talking to people under the username of IcyFox57. I was 13. When I made up that username, I was thinking of the colour blue and a random fuzzy animal…. yeah. That could have gone so wrong. Oh and I would get yelled at by my parents to get off the internet so the phone line would be free again. Good times.

During lunch time at school, my friends and I would go to the library and go on sites to play “love calculator” games. This was basically a way to embarrass each other by matching the other person with random boys in the class. To bring back those fond memories, I made a love calculator!

The calculator takes the two names you enter and calculates the percentage of letters which make up “love day”. Don’t feel bad if the percentage is not pretty, a super awesome married couple I know got less than 30%!

The funnest part about this page was learning how to create a pure css ribbon. I love browsing CodePen to see all the awesome things created with pure css.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 9.02.39 PM

Day 41 – Love Calculator

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