Day 44 – Write or Else

A wonderful little page called Write or Die by Doctor Evil has saved me countless times. I’ve used it when trying to rush a rough draft for an essay, brainstorm, and to win Nanowrimo in 2013!

I got to revisit the slider widget from jQuery UI and radio buttons for the options page! It hasn’t been that long since I wrote Color Picker, but I found I was super rusty with the syntax. Back to the documentation! It really goes to show that with coding, as with any other skill, you use it or lose it! I remember when adding a simple click function to a button would have me googling for the syntax.

Today was a good review of what I’ve learned so far by using the slider widget, radio buttons, setTimeout and clearTimeout functions. When I wrote Reaction Time, I spent a long time writing the countdown time functions. In the end I realized that if I knew how much time had to pass, I just had to set a timeout for that time. There was no need to count second by second and try to match the clock. (Also impossible to do!) It was awesome to be able to use that experience for the countdown of today’s grace period and clock.

Repetition builds long term memory!
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 10.03.45 PMDay 44 – Write or Else


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