Trippeo – Account cancellations and reports

I made a few small bug fixes today to improve the user experience.

Account Cancellations
These were internal requests by our customer success manager, Alanna! Instead of a form with radio buttons for user feedback, she wanted an open text field. The bigger button initially said “Yes – cancel my plan” but we wanted to switch them around. I removed ‘yes’ from the cancel button and made it the smaller button out of the two choices.
Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 5.18.27 PM
If a user has active members in their company account, they will not be able to cancel. A fade out popup appears on the upper right of the screen asking them to contact Trippeo. Alanna wanted a hyperlink to make contacting us easier. I changed the popup to a modal. Originally I had two buttons: Contact Trippeo and Cancel. The Contact Trippeo would link be a mailto link and close the modal. The cancel button would simply close the modal.

However, some browsers (such as my own with Chrome), would not do anything with the e-mail link! The user would click on Contact Trippeo, and the modal would close, leaving them to wonder what had happened. To prevent this sticky situation, I added the link to the text and a single button for the user to acknowledge the alert.

contactReport Views for Admins
When a user submits an expense report for approval, their manager receives an e-mail. A link brings them to a report view. An inconvenience was admins would have to click export as pdf to see the attached receipt files. I added the type of transaction and a link to a pop up of the receipt in the first column.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 4.36.38 PM

The triangle indicates a lost receipt where a receipt was required by company policy. The paperclip has a hover of popup and links to the receipt image.
Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 5.16.18 PM
The user can click anywhere outside of the receipt image or the close button to close the modal. The admin can easily look at the receipts and approve or reject the report. This functionality was already present on the dashboard, it just needed to be added to the report view for e-mail links.
Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 5.14.56 PM

Receipt Bank Testing
An exciting upcoming feature is the ability to e-mail receipts! Instead of uploading receipts for individual expenses, you e-mail all your receipts and they get automatically uploaded to a receipt library. You would then be able to attach the receipts to expenses and reports. Our backend developer Dmitry recently added this feature and I had a lot of fun sending cute animal pictures to my account! All the receipts showed up within 1-2 minutes. A nifty feature is uploaded pdfs show as images in thumbnail view but become scrollable when you click to enlarge.


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