Page 63 – Code & Coffee

This was a slideshow I created for my talk at Code & Coffee. When one of the meet up organizers, Rose, first asked me if I’d like to give a talk at the monthly meet up, I was quite wary. Some of the previous talks had been about functional programming, marketing your open source project, unit testing… I could barely follow along for a few of them! How could I give a talk to a crowd of developers all more experienced than myself? I don’t have any shiny credentials beside my name, what could I even contribute? Would people look down on me and think I was wasting their time?
catprogrammerI decided to take a risk and said YES! I knew I would not be giving a technical talk, so I wanted to talk about what I knew best – how to be a beginner at web development. I talked about some of the obstacles I encountered as a beginner and some steps I took to overcome those hurdles. Basically, just do it! In the words of Amelia Earhart, “the most effective way to do it is to do it.”

My fears of the talk were unfounded. After the talk I found myself surrounded by a group of curious and supportive people who all wanted to share their stories. Not only did people listen to my talk, they wanted to talk to ME afterward! It was definitely a big confidence boost. It reminded me that you are usually your own worst critic. Everyone has to start somewhere.

A huge thank you to Rose and the Code & Coffee community for the opportunity!

Page 63 – Code & Coffee


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