Page 65 – Bing Bong

I watched Inside Out on cheap movie Tuesday and was reminded of why I want to and don’t want to watch Pixar films… they’re so touching that I cry! I don’t want to ruin the story for anyone, but that line “I have a good feeling about this one” … it’s just too much. After I got home and couldn’t stop talking about Bing Bong, the imaginary friend in Riley’s mind, I knew I had to do a page for him.

I did not have to learn any new concepts for this page but it took me a while because of all the details. Bing Bong, the wagon, and the rainbow are completely done in CSS. I used CSS keyframes to animate the scene and a few lines of JavaScript to play the audio. Something flying through the air with a rainbow trail? You gotta add the nyan cat music. (Although I debated recording myself singing the Bing Bong song as well…)

This page was purely for fun!

Funny note, after I finished the page, I realized I could have used a single <div> with a CSS gradient instead of having 6 <li> to create the rainbow trail columns!


Page 65 – Bing Bong


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