Update: I’m at Bootcamp!

The past two weeks have gone by so fast, it’s unbelievable! I started the Web Development Full Time Bootcamp at Lighthouse Labs on Oct 26th.
Week 1 was really intensive and it felt every day I was catching up on assignments from the day before. In week 2, we started working more with OOP with Ruby. It was fun to work on solving problems using classes. Here are a few of the fun assignments so far:
1. Pop Bottle Recycler: a command line program that takes in your initial investment and gives a report of total bottles of free pop you can redeem. We used instance variables and loops to continue recycling empty bottles and caps until free pop could no longer be redeemed.
3. Roman Numerals: a Ruby script that turns a number into a Roman Numeral.
4. Math Game: A command line game for two players to test their basic math skills. This was our intro assignment into OOP with Ruby.

5. Hacker News Web Scraper: A program that scrapes a given url (hacker news website) and gives a report on the post title, points, and comments. Nokogiri was used to parse the html. We used Post and Comment classes, and created a new comment object for each comment parsed from the page.

6. Robots with Lasers: We started learning RSpec and Test Driven Development by writing our own Rspec tests and creating Robots that can move, attack, eat bolts, and scan their surroundings for other robots!
Although the bootcamp hours are long, it’s a really positive environment and everyone is there to work hard together. This upcoming week we’ll start learning SQL and work with databases.


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