Lighthouse Labs – Final 2 weeks!

I can’t believe tomorrow will be Week 7. Only two more weeks until I am done. It’s a cliche, but time really just flies here. We wrapped up Week 6 with JavaScript and jQuery. I built a card betting game with jQuery and CSS animations.
Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 11.12.46 PM
It was fun using CSS transform to fan out the cards and animate them to move upon hover and click. The answer card flips to reveal the answer once you place your bet.

We also had our last assessment on Friday, which covered CSS animations, JavaScript and jQuery. We started building RESTful apis and used ajax to request data. When I was working purely on front end, I would see the request urls for forms, but never really understood what was happening. The backend guys would set up the forms, and I would style the forms. It’s great to start to understand both sides and know how server requests are used to retrieve data, and how to use JavaScript to take that data and show it on the page.

Tomorrow we start working with node.js!


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